How to send money to Indonesia from Malaysia (via Internet, Online or Offline)

Posted on August 29, 2007 
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Do you have employ an Indonesian maid? Do you make a business with Indonesian people? Having a relatives in Indonesia? How do you transfer the money to Indonesia?

How to send money to Indonesia from MalaysiaI knew that there’s a CashLaju by CIMB. But I have to go at the bank, which I want to avoid. Cost is just RM10. It can’t be done via CIMBClicks portal.

Maybank2u TT needs at least, minimum RM250 and the charge is around RM25. It’s an online transaction.

Any other method that I can try?

I’ve got some reply from a mailing list;

Try some money changer.
If you’re can go to Plaza Masalam Section 9 Shah Alam, the money changer there (the one near the McD icecream and a Video Shop) do the service for RM10 service charge. # 03-5880XXXX.

I’ve been using the service eversince the last 2 years with no glitch (XXX has different experience apparently) more because the money changer operate at a much flexible hour that suits my need.

You might want to check if other money changer provide similar service and you might want to try in smaller amount first.

There’s a money changer in Chow Kit Road, area at Kamdar. He has online internet for those Indonesian workers to send home their money. Alhamdulillah I’ve sent RM 1100 thru’ his account & reached safely in Jakarta’s bank.

Yes, it’s quite expensive to send money thru CIMB & MBB with their extra charges imposed to us.

I use RHB online (you would need to have an RHB account first) No minimum amount and charge is a flat rate of RM 12.00 if you’re doing in on behalf of a foreign worker

If own money, I think different rate apply

And below is the best reply;

Yeah. had a bad experience with that one. Not my luck i guess.

Maid wants money to in’sia urgently for the children to use. I went to the money changer mentioned, and was given the detail slip everything. Sent 1 mill rupiah. Supposed to be 3-4 days or what, but said/claimed to be faster/better than Maybank TT. Bave been doing maybank TT all the while, takes a max of 7 working days.

Came back i told my maid, transaction was done, wait for 3 days, ask your son to go to the bank.

He went but the money is not there. Day after he went also not in. They need money urgently, after 5th day still not in [ that was 8th day after i gave the cash to money changer in Shah Alam], i sent another 1 mill rupiah thru maybank tt. yup went to the bank again. by now the son went to the bank bni daily to check whether money came in, and was told, ‘kalau orangnya tak kirim, jangan datang mintak ke bank’. he was really scolded over there. sms her mum and me that money was not in. by now my maid also started asking, ‘ betulke ibu dah bank in, anak saya pergi bank nak keluarkan duit kena marah marah’. which quite pissed me off coz when i bank in i banked in. sampai maid i pun tak percaya dah,.. i pergi balik kerja samapai rumah dok tanya dah hantar? betul dah hantar? anak saya pergi kat bank tak ada.

i wentto the money changer and asked, yes they told me it reached there, and banked in. heran den duit tak masuk2. b y now i gave both slips to my maid, bibik pergi bank sendiri. i dah tak larat nak follow up kat money changer.

6th day after bank in at mbb, money was in. only 1 mill rupiah. the other still did not go thru.

only after 2 weeks plus money was in. answer given by indonesian to the maid’s son was orang itu sakit, tak ke bank.

i memang serik.

for me… bank is bank. fees everywhere. charges like mad. i would like to open up a bank too, and start charging, he he…

but at least money is in the loop. money tt at our bank here, charged. go to the bank there,bni, masuk bank sana. still bank to bank. their normal processing time.. how many days it takes..

with money changer, its quite a ‘personalized business’. depends on bila org tu nak pergi bank and masukkan. nasib baik masuk jugak. kalau tak masuk pun, what are we going to do? of course we have the slip to show, but then again., the hassle is definitely a headache by itself.

am not saying dont try that money changer, coz XXX has been using that and very reliable. but for me, after that experience, i will go for banks from now on.. bank msia to bank in’sia. clear cut ‘legal’ transaction that is totally worry-free

charge, if they need, as long as efficient and reasonable, and most important, reach there safely on time.

Too bad, Paypal is not accepted (or with limited functionality) in Indonesia.


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